Upper or Lower Complex Field Use

Field use must be approved by the MPLL President before your team practices on any McAllister Park Little League field.

MPLL President:
Tommy Moeller

 Coaches Resource Center

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Volunteer Form

Mandatory: To be eligible to be a coach, assistant coach, team mom, or to be involved with a Little League team in any capacity, you have to fill out a volunteer form and submit to a background check — NO EXCEPTIONS. A copy of your driver’s license is required (mandatory).

Download the form below, include your social security number (mandatory), a copy of your driver’s license, and turn the form in at:

  • registration,
  • at try-outs, or
  • turn it in to your head coach.

Volunteer Form

You will not be allowed to be on the field in any capacity without league approval.

 Coaches Duties

  • Always rake and water the infield, pick up trash in and around your team’s dugout and stands, empty the dugout trash can into the big trash can by the stands, and lock the gates to your field after all practice and games. Last team out locks restrooms and insures all lights are off.
  • Contact your league VP on any maintenance issues with fields.